Eight Roadblocks That Restrict Accelerated Growth

A confusion between profits and cash, and delaying tracking cash until it’s a critical problem—businesses are then prone to simply running out of cash.

An inability to build a profitable business model with a clear understanding of how revenue, expense drivers, and product margins actually work.

Failure to create and communicate concise value propositions in a clear and compelling way to your investors and customers.

No real differentiation in the market, which makes you rely on price being the only competitive advantage you have to work with in your business.

Emotional pricing instead of strategic pricing; reacting to gut feelings and decisions based on impulse, rather than data.

Not communicating with customers to understand their needs, leading to a lack of understanding of the market.

Lack of strategic business planning and rapid expansion leading  to over spending and running out of cash.

A lack of systems and processes for operations, in addition to sales and marketing (which is very important).

A straightforward plan of action towards accelerated growth

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