Tax Planning and Compliance

From our experience there are five questions that determine if your business' important requirements are being met

Do you think your books are in need of repair?

If you think that your books are even the slightest off, assessing your financial situation through tax planning and compliance is the first step towards growing your business.

Are your taxes held to the highest standard?

It's easy to dismiss the small details when preparing tax returns, but it's also the attention to detail that provides the assurances of proper corporate tax return preparation

Is your payroll management resistant-free?

Sometimes what we think is the simplest of tasks, becomes a hassle when your payroll system is not working for you as it should. At that point, you need professional income tax services.

Are your books always kept up-to-date?

Falling behind on your books is a common occurrence, but the consequences create a source of data for you that is unreliable and misleading, which may cause larger issues for you down the road. That’s why we are a leading provider of Canada income tax preparation software.

Are your agency relationships in tact?

Managing your books is one thing, but managing the relationships with tax agencies is another. We can help you navigate those agency relationships without unnecessary restrictions.

Making sense of your finances and getting you back on track

When your finances are in need of repair, Accountants 2.0 is able to streamline the clean up process by taking a two fold approach. As we organize your current financials, we also provide you with a plan of action to keep you on track.


Efficient tax preparation strategies that gets the job done right

Accountants are able to properly file your taxes beyond just filling in the boxes. We look deeper and use best practices to work the numbers and maximize your return with Canada income tax preparation software as well as protect your interests, and not just during tax season.


Payroll is complicated and the rules are constantly changing

You and your employees will have access to knowledgeable and effective advice. We will deal with the headaches of filing taxes, Records of Employment, T4's and more; leaving you with more time to do what matters to you and your customers.


"I'm a hands on business owner and I needed a solution that would keep me up-to-date without needing to be behind a desk."

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