A learning tribe for all that showcases self-development and practical habit shifts to create multi-generational wealth

Disciplined Wealth is a wealth minded community that seeks to reinvent how we access knowledge and opportunity for entrepreneurship and investment. Like all startups we are thinking big and acting small. I have taken the first steps and invited in many of my life long professional and personal connections. Inside our community you will find experts in a wide cross section of disciplines.

With each new member, the community gains more expertise and experience, adding value for all. Joining Disciplined Wealth means being a part of the conversation and opening your own door to never ending opportunity. Our initial value proposition as a learning tribe is extremely powerful in its own right but as we grow there are few limits to what a wealth minded community working in concert can achieve. On our website or via a link provided to you by our affiliate, you will find two options for enrollment.

For less than the cost of a small investment account fee you can be part of reinventing wealth creation and wealth management. We can help you accelerate your wealth and provide you with the opportunity to make an impact on others while you do so. A wealth minded community and exists to make meaningful connections, provide solutions to problems, develop ideas, simplify all things money into practical applications that lead to real actions and provide access to experts and information.

Patrick Driedger
Host and Founder


DW Membership Entry Level

Focused on targeted information and mentorship. The community is encouraged to focus on the basic principles of developing a wealth mindset and preparing your finances for the road ahead to see real world results.


DW Membership Next Level

The community focus is on crowd sourcing solutions, ideas, and opportunities alike. With direct access to experts and information, the Next Level member will drive wealth creation and share their wins, perpetuating more wealth creation.