Frequently Asked Questions

What is Accountants 2.0
Accountants 2.0 is an online services company that facilitates experienced professionals who perform various advisory, accounting, and bookkeeping services for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Are your bookkeepers, accountants, and advisors licensed?
All team members are qualified with many having certifications as Certified Bookkeepers, CPA’S, CA’s, and Growth Advisors, as well as a network of experienced business professionals that can assist your company’s requirements.

What is the difference between an accountant and bookkeeper?
A simple answer to that questions is, bookkeepers maintain your books, while accountants and advisors look for areas of improvement and analyze your data for growth opportunities. They also offer support to bookkeepers on financial transactions and tax strategies.

What services do you offer?
Accountants 2.0 has 2 service streams, depending on your business goals and the expectations for your company. These are Compliance & Tax, that include Bookkeeping, Payroll, Financial Repair and Income Tax, as well as Growth & Advisory that includes multiple advisory types, such as Financial Advisory, and Succession Advisory. All services can be customized to suit your requirements.

What kind of software do you use?
In the back-end there are numerous software, tools and applications being used by bookkeepers, accountants, and advisors. However, the main two in relation to accounting is Xero and Quickbooks Online. Other software choices are available but these two are the primary software choices used for accounting and bookkeeping.

Who are your typical customers?
For the most part, our clients are entrepreneurs who run small or mid-sized businesses and are either looking to transition their accounting requirements 100% online with our onboarding and after sales support. Or, clients who have already established their accounting requirements online, but are more interested in outsourcing their advisory requirements to us. Finally, we also work with clients on one-off projects which include income tax preparation and advisory services.

Why should I consider working with Accountants 2.0?
Every online accounting and bookkeeping service provider has their specific competitive advantage. For us, it is about an effective communication process and the fact that we have been in your shoes. Your first contact is with an Account manager who follows a comprehensive onboarding process to make certain that your specific requirements are met accordingly. This is done by choosing the right accountant and/or bookkeeper who compliments your type of business activities. This works well for our clients because the level of our service is dynamic, meaning we can scale to your needs as your business continues to grow. The account manager also is your liaison during your working relationship with your assigned advisor, accountant and/or bookkeeper. That means, all projects are monitored effectively for time, cost, and project details.

We believe our working relationship would be a successful one because our advisors, accountants, and bookkeepers have experience working with similarities to your own business. We’ve been in your shoes and understand clearly what challenges you face and know exactly how to help you take advantage of all the benefits of serving your requirements and avoid problems in growing your business.

What’s the first step to get started?
The first step would be to contact us today at 1-888-634-4988 or by email [email protected]. An appointment date will be made between yourself and all interested parties and one of our account managers, which can be held either by teleconference or web video chat using Google Meet, Zoom, or Skype. During the meeting the account manger will assess your situation and align your requirements with our service options and assess the best option of which accountant and/or bookkeeper best fits your requirements.

Once all the details of your requirements have been received. The account manager will then provide you with a formal proposal, if the proposal is accepted, your next contact will be with the account manager and your accountant and/or bookkeeper, where further details on your project will be expanded on and discussed.

How long does the onboarding process take?
Typically after the first meeting has taken place, the account manager will take 24-48 hours to return with a formal quote. Once the formal quote has been accepted by the client, the work is assigned to the appropriate accountant and/or bookkeeper and the work activities begin the next day. Depending on when the quote is accepted, the onboarding process usually takes 3 days depending on our clients’ responsiveness to our inquiries.

How is reporting relayed back to me?
It all depends on what your project details include, but your assigned accountant and/or bookkeeper will issue reports to you using secure online applications or through formal documents mailed directly to you,

How much do your services cost?
As much as we would love to give you exact cost for our services, the only way to give you an accurate quote is to know exactly what all your requirements are. We do construct packages for our clients on a monthly cost basis. For more information please contact us.

Do you charge by the hour, month, or per project?
That depends on your exact requirements, however typically you will see a combination of all three being used. For the most, our clients pay on a per month basis for a set amount of repeatable tasks to be completed each month on their behalf. However, there are clients that also have project based and/or hourly based costs as well for non-repeatable tasks. Our package options will give you a good idea of what your monthly costs may be for repeatable tasks, with the options for add-ons.

How competitive are your prices?
Our pricing structure is not based on what other service firms are doing. The reason being, is you will have service firms drastically reduce costs in order to win business and other service firms with much higher prices due to their business structure and overhead. We believe our prices are consistent with industry standards.

How do I pay for my services?
For clients who are on a monthly subscription will have funds directly withdrawn from their bank accounts the same date each month. For one-time projects, and per hour billing we issue invoices that can either be paid by check or online forms of payment.

How good is your customer service?
We use all forms of communication tools, because we know every customer is unique in their method of communication, regardless if it be by phone, text, email, or web chat. Our commitment is to keep the lines of communication open with you at all times and that you see us, not as a company you outsource your accounting requirements to, rather you see us as an extension of your business.

How fast is your response time?
For the most part you will receive same day responses, unless further details are required, of which you will still receive same day notifications of when a definitive answer will be provided to you.

How effective is your client communication?
We believe when we strive to be an extension of your business, that we are always prepared to answer questions in detail and with clarity. Accountants 2.0 uses many tools and applications to make certain that the lines of communication with our clients is always open and clear.

Who is my point of contact?
Our clients main point of contact will be their assigned accountant and/or bookkeeper, however, an account manager monitors all project activities and may also have direct lines of communication with the client as well.

Perhaps you have specific questions in mind and would like to speak with us over the phone or send us a direct email? We welcome the opportunity to hear from you today.

Toll Free: 888-857-5750
Email: [email protected]

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