What makes a clean up the books project successful? The process.

To ensure your financial repair process follows the least resistance possible, its important to first find the root cause and identify how many issues actually exist. Once you find the root cause you can begin to follow the trail to uncover all the discrepancies and begin the process of reclaiming control over your financials. Signs that issues exist include:

  • Payroll Mismanagement
  • Unidentified Accounts Receivable
  • Unidentified Accounts Payable
  • Missed Tax Write-Off Opportunities
  • Bank Account Issues
  • Not prepared for tax season
  • Financial reports are non-existent
  • Books are never up-to-date
  • Overpaying bank fees and penalties
  • Errors within general ledger forms
  • Cash Flow is always unpredictable
  • Books are never closed


Depending on how many issues you can relate to stated above. Our account manager will begin the process of assessing which data is most important to begin with and then initiate a step-by-step process to uncover all the other issues in an effective manner.


Our financial repair specialist will begin to uncover all the discrepancies and immediately provide alternative solutions, while creating a documented procedure that will provide action steps moving forward with accounting clean up best practices that are best suited for your business.


Once a successful accounting clean up has been completed and your books now are running smoothly, the data will provide us the opportunity to look for improvements and capitalize even more from the accounting clean up process to identify new growth opportunities.

Perhaps you have specific questions in mind and would like to speak with us over the phone or send us a direct email? We welcome the opportunity to hear from you today.

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