Online bookkeeping services requires you to hand over your books to a total stranger, and that’s not always an easy thing to do. Here are a four signs that it may be time to outsource your finances to an online bookkeeping service provider.

When you can’t keep track of receivables and payables

There’s a certain frustration when there are unknowns of who owes you money and money you owe. It creates a ripple effect that delays payments from both sides and inevitably cost you money from lost payments or additional costs from invoices not being paid on time. Online bookkeepers know that tracking your accounts payable and accounts receivable is the lifeline of your business. Online bookkeeping streamlines how cash flow statements are processed and it provides an added value of knowing exactly how much money is flowing in and out of your business, in real time, and at all times.


When you have outdated books

If you find yourself with a stack of disorganized financial papers, more than likely it’s not your fault. That’s because most of the time your books are not up-to-date because of lack of time and not effort. Instead spend some time to research online bookkeeping service providers who can not only clean up the mess, but get you back on track quickly. If you don’t have a grip on your finances, your business is surely to lose money, if it hasn’t already. The health of your business is important, and keeping consistent books will assure the longevity of your business activities.


Taking a “just in time” approach to taxes

Can you remember a time when you scrambled hours before an exam because you tried to cram as much information as possible the night before? More than likely, this resulted in poor test scores. The same thing happens to many entrepreneurs when scrambling to put all the pieces together before tax time. But in this case, the results are in lost savings. Consider that many online bookkeeping service providers offer tax strategies as part of their service portfolios. When your taxes are handled in a methodical way and given enough time and energy, there is certainly opportunities to find savings.


You have a sense that you are losing control

The best way to control a situation is to know as much about it as possible. Bookkeeping can be a daunting and somewhat boring task for many, so the best way to control the situation is to do what you do best, and allow the online bookkeepers and online accountants to do what they do best. Handing over control to your books, actually gives you more control over your business, and that is because they help you see your business activities honestly and clearly.



Taking care of your own books may work for the time being, but the do-it-yourself approach will not serve your business in the long run. Your focus should be on your customers and running your business. Online bookkeeping service providers are familiar to your situation. Falling behind on paperwork is nothing new, but at the same time when you recognize that you cannot do everything yourself, outsourcing to an online bookkeeping services provider is your best option.

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