These days, with so much technology at our fingertips, new accounting trends are constantly emerging, making it easier for individuals and businesses to keep their financial records in great shape. At Accountants 2.0, our Quickbooks ProAdvisors have been offering key accounting advisory services and solutions for years and we wanted to highlight this year’s most popular trends here!

  • Automation & AI

One of this year’s leading accounting trends is automating accounting and bookkeeping processes through the use of innovative technology and artificial intelligence (AI). Long gone are the days of manual bookkeeping and these days, to remain competitive, many businesses have fully automated their accounting processes to streamline operations.

  • Improved Security

As new technology emerges, so does the opportunity to exploit it. However, cloud accounting services and other fully-automated platforms are equipped with two-factor authentication. Additionally, employees can receive cybersecurity training to keep threats and data breaches to a minimum.

  • Remote Technology & Greater Access 

With new advances in cloud computing and other platforms, there is a wealth of reliable accounting technology that makes it easy for employees to work remotely. This provides businesses with reduced overhead costs, minimizes the need for operating a larger workspace, and can also make employees happier by providing them with more flexible schedules.

  • Advisory Accounting Services

These days, more companies are looking for accounting and bookkeeping services that can also provide advisory services to help them remain competitive. Innovative bookkeeping services, tax automation, and compliance solutions, and other technology can furth boost returns. Accounting firms can also provide invaluable advice for the future.

  • Analytics & Forecasting

When working with a company that offers automated services and online accounting and bookkeeping, all of your company’s most important financial data will be under one umbrella. It’s easy to pull up any reports you need with the simple click of a button. Having all of the data accessible whenever you need it most makes it easy to make informed decisions and plan for the future.

  • Value-Based Pricing Structures

Another common trend we’re seeing this year is more companies looking for accounting and bookkeeping services that provide value-based pricing structures. This means accounting firms that clearly outline all of their services and create different packages that offer proven returns. The rise of automation has also made it easier to offer clear value propositions when it comes to online accounting solutions.

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