Within the accounting and bookkeeping industry there are two primary traits that seem to be common among all accountants and bookkeepers. That is, attention to detail, and a love for numbers. Those traits seem to be the driving force behind the motivation to do such exciting work, in an otherwise very mundane and boring industry. Perhaps, this is why you see so many entrepreneurs fall into the “messy books in accounting” trap. To avoid such a trap, here are a few interesting traits that accounting professionals possess to ensure their work is perfect.


They Emphasize Accuracy Through Effectiveness

You can distort numbers in any way you like, but the fact of the matter is numbers do not lie. The same rings true for the professionals who hold their work and processes to that highest regard. To eliminate margins of error, professionals create frameworks that give them 100% control over monitoring issues, when and if they arise.

“One of the biggest problems facing entrepreneurs today is the inability to transition to online accounting and bookkeeping tools with support from virtual accountants and bookkeepers trained at using these tools and who understand the integrations necessary to build a solid framework.


They use deductive reasoning as their primary logic
Defined: Deductive reasoning is a logical process in which a conclusion is based in accordance with multiple premises that are generally assumed to be true. It’s a top top-down logic, and proceeds from general premises to a specific conclusion. There is no room for theory, once you’ve identified one issue, then that is an issue in itself.

For example, “If receipts are missing, and all receipts are needed to be 100% accurate, your books are not accurate. If your books are not accurate, then the procedure to process receipts is flawed.”


They are accountable (pun intended )
As it’s been said, numbers do not lie, and if you do not know what you’re looking for they will deceive you. When money is on the line and there is no room for error, it’s accountants and bookkeepers who take on all the responsibility to make certain that perfection is the only option and the only way that happens is being fully accountable for managing the risk and integrations involved. When you have a professional who believes in perfection, is honest about it and takes full responsibility if something goes wrong under their control. You have yourself a trustworthy accounting professional who is honest.

“The honor among bookkeepers and accountants is knowing they fully accept the responsibility of perfection, as the numbers require them to be.”


When you have a solid framework in place, think like Sherlock Holmes and take full responsibility for perfection, you too can avoid the “messy books in accounting” trap.