Say Hello to Accountants 2.0 and

Good-Bye to Sales and Growth Nightmares!

Are you a bookkeeper, accountant, tax professional, or advisor with dreams for your firm?

We get it – you're passionate about what you do, but still want to and deserve to grow, but sometimes the journey can feel overwhelming.

Fear not, because we're here to turn your aspirations into achievements.

Forget Everything you Know about Traditional Sales or Marketing

Well, maybe don't forget? Just rethink the strategy on growing. We aren't saying to ditch your current providers and strategies, more think of how they can improve, or how you can add a resource to amplify them with less risk than not doing it at all.

At Accountants 2.0, we're not just here to deliver leads, or be another coach, teaching you how to grow, structure, etc. – We're Here to Deliver Results. 

How? By focusing on what truly matters: your success, and your client relationships. We're in it for the long haul, committed to your growth every step of the way. Taking away the stress and time commitments from growing your firm and dealing with clients that have nothing to do with the work you perform.

We are always going to be completely real and transparent. You will see as you read on.

Correction! We don't "SELL" for you...

More like we help you craft your firm message in a way, where with our methods we build relationships that your prospective clients want to be in.

Look at this image....

Do you want to be this guy? With rising profits and sales?

p.s. That was supposed to be salesy.

Yes, that statement was a dig to what you normally see on LinkedIn, or those annoying spam emails, and from sales funnels that you click on where they promise the world. Some image saying we will deliver the world, but like in many cases, not actually perform.

Look! We have been in your shoes. We are a team of firm owners, business owners, marketers, and tech people.

We know that you became a firm owner to not only service clients and help business owners succeed, but also so that your family would succeed as well. We assume you wanted to be more comfortable than you would by working for a big 4 firm or as an in house resource, and we also assume that you want to own your own future and the work that you do.

We purposely designed a proprietary technology backed service that helps you achieve what you set out for, as a bonus you will have much less stress and even less risk.

We don't promise the world and say, "pay us for results" before we even bring them.

We are partners in success, we succeed and grow, when you do.

You've Got Issues

– but, We Know

How to Solve Them

Struggling with time constraints, limited resources, or a lack of expertise? Don't worry – We've Been There, and we know exactly how to help.

Our team brings years of industry experience to the table, along with a deep understanding of the challenges you face. From time management to resource allocation, we have the solutions you need to thrive.

Accountants 2.0

is your Best Choice

We're not just another firm – We're Your Growth Partners. Our mission is simple: to help you thrive, from the first point of contact to signing on the dotted line, and beyond. And here's the best part – we succeed when you do.

How Do We Do It?

We leverage our extensive experience, ever evolving proprietary technology, and a commitment to transparency to drive results. From prospect management to post-sale client relations, we've got you covered. All you need to do is focus on what you do best – serving your clients.

Why Should You Choose Us?

  • Increase your revenue with our proven strategies.

  • Eliminate the need for costly marketing, sales, and administrative overhead.

  • Benefit from ongoing account management to ensure client retention and upsell opportunities.

  • We handle the tough conversations, from pricing negotiations to client satisfaction.

  • Free up your time to focus on delivering exceptional service.

  • Stay true to your brand with our best practice approach.

  • Maximize operational efficiency for optimal profitability.

The best part? Our approach carries minimal risk – far less than the risk of not taking action.

What People Think About Our Services

Alex Smith

Accountants 2.0 helped our firm increase revenue and manage new clients without the overhead of traditional marketing. Their pay-for-performance model really aligns with our goals.

Julia Zorbet

Very skeptical initially, but Accountants 2.0 proved their worth by significantly improving our client base and freeing up our time to focus on client service. Truly a partner, not just a provider.

Robert Belinsky

They understand the specific challenges of accounting firms. Accountants 2.0 has improved our client retention and even helped us with upselling. Essential for any firm looking to grow.

Ready to Unlock Your Firm's Full Potential?

Let's embark on this journey together. 

Contact us today to learn more about how Accountants 2.0 can propel your business forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Conflict of interest?

You own the clients we bring in (we are like internal staff)

What are the costs?

We are paid an ongoing commission, unless you opt for a buyout.

You are responsible for your marketing ad costs and software licensing.

There is a variable onboarding fee, depending on your niche and complexity.

Is this exclusive?

You are free to bring on your own clients. You only pay for clients we bring or close.

Do I have to change my marketing resources?

No! We work with them – we are your machine, and you are your vision.

What is my time commitment?

Depending on niche complexity, 10 hours is the average initially.



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