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Each episode connects you with a network of growth-focused professionals, delving into innovative technologies and strategies to boost your professional impact. We're committed to guiding you in enhancing your firm's profitability, team cohesion, and management efficiency. With Accountants 2.0, you're not only adapting to change – you're at the forefront, shaping the future of accounting.

Join us and lead the charge in transforming accounting practices.

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Steve Perpich

With a wealth of expertise spanning three decades, Steve possesses extensive knowledge in accounting systems, management, entrepreneurship, and consulting. His professional journey has navigated diverse industries, ranging from utilities and communications to logistics, marketing, security, finance, charity, and aerospace.

Steve excels in dissecting complex issues, formulating detailed action plans with multiple options, and assessing feasibility tracks. Equally adept at offering tactical and strategic guidance, he stands ready to address any challenge presented. Just outline the issue and its scope, and be prepared to explore the array of solutions and options he skillfully delivers—no limits, everything is on the table.


Ted Williamson

With years of experience running businesses from contracting to technology, Ted offers a strong vision of the future of business and of the business services industries. He recently sold his firm, a bookkeeping and tax firm, working with CPAs on deeper engagements, and helping small businesses with compliance and advisory.

With Accountants 2.0, he is now serving new-age accountants and bookkeepers with marketing and sales solutions and technologies, and matching them to their ideal clients within the forward-thinking entrepreneur market, based on specific criteria that the entrepreneur and firm agree on.

Ted likes to problem solve and find areas in a business that can be optimized, as well as likes to peel back the industry's surface, to help more people enjoy their professional careers, and ultimately, their living situation. He enjoys traveling and working remotely, and encourages likes to others who might not have thought that they could previously.

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