Liberate Your Firm From

Marketing and Sales Time and Effort

Imagine a world where your firm is liberated from the intricacies of marketing and sales, allowing you to channel your energy into what you do best: helping clients, growing your team, and enhancing efficiencies for increased profitability.

At Accountants 2.0, we're not just a service provider; we:

  • are your strategic partner in growth;

  • offer tailored solutions to seamlessly integrate with your operations, can completely take growth off of your plate;

  • can augment your already awesome growth team;

  • or, simply be an extra set of hands for your burgeoning business.

Imagine All of That With a Partner That Will Put Their Money Where Their Mouth Is?

Our success-based model ensures you pay when we deliver and grow your revenue while connecting you with the right people and tools to streamline your operations.

Among the plethora of benefits, we offer three standout services that not only enhance your firm's capabilities, but also position you and Accountants 2.0 as industry stalwarts.

Services & Products That Support Your Success

Our services are crafted to ensure you're supported every step of the way, from onboarding to becoming a leader in the new age of accounting.

White Labeled Sales (Your Firm) - Success Fee

Our core service! We market and sell completely in your name. There are no concerns about competition, we are completely white-labeled, and work as you, never bringing in any other of the firms that work with us.

This is not a one-size-fits-all service. If you want to customize a campaign on top of what we do, that can certainly be done, by us, or by a 3rd party. If you want someone else working to bring leads that we sell and manage, that can be done too.

We are here for your comfort and best interest and will work with you to reach your goals. We have a vested interest in your success…. None of us are profitable unless we succeed. Schedule a call to learn more.

  • Onboarding and Setup - Starting at $495: Get up and running smoothly with our comprehensive onboarding process. Why an onboarding fee? We need to know you are as committed as we are. This helps with the partnership setup, then it's all success after that.

Offer Easy Value Added Services - Success Fee

Like most of what we do, we make money, when you do. We love to bring opportunity to our firm partners. We encourage you to include Value Added Services to your service offering. We have curated a list of predesigned and negotiated services that you can bolt on to your offerings, allowing you to add value and keep the revenue in your firm, while not having to increase complexity or effort.

It is simple! You bring your own 3rd party service providers to us, we can sell them as an add-on service, or you can use ones that we have pre vetted to quickly add major value to your clients' businesses and families.

Imagine offering advanced tax planning and implementation, grants and tax credit assessment and applications, business valuations, fractional CFO services, etc, while not having to do the full education, structural design, pricing....... but still offering value and be able to monetize them.

We Use The A20 Connect Platform To Do This:

Your Low-Cost, All-In-One, High-Impact Engine

The proprietary A20 Connect All-In-One Marketing and Sales Platform is at the heart of our offerings, a comprehensive solution designed to power your market presence with world-class market leader features at your fingertips. Most clients opt for our full suite of services, drawn by the minimal risk and substantial rewards.

Coming soon...

Brokered Sales (Accountants 2.0) - Success Fee

Let us connect you with and match your experience, expertise, and goals perfectly with our ideal clients.

Matching with your ideal clients will increase your profitability and create simple workflows. You will be more of an expert, and that is why your clients come to us….. To find YOU. It is hard for them to find the perfect accounting service provider, just like it is hard for you to find the perfect client.

We take that pain from you and add these perfect clients to your capacity. You can approve them, or you can trust us to do ALL the marketing to get these clients (at our cost), do the whole sales process (at our cost), and then move them to your services onboarding and setup person within your firm. 

How it works? Clients come to Accountants 2.0 knowing that they will have a better chance at finding the right account for them, their situation, and their goals and expectations. We match them with the right providers, like you, and if they need other services that you can’t provide we augment their needs with other providers, protecting your relationship with these clients the whole time.

After the initial sale, we continuously follow up with you, and with them to make sure that the relationship is what was expected and everyone is happy, we will make sure that we are increasing prices as needed on your behalf, have tough discussions about their financials, we have strict rules on billing and payment, ensuring that your amounts are paid to you without chasing, we upsell any services that you have identified as helpful to them, and more.

This is an engagement with you, we just maintain the sales relationship and protect both sides.

How we use the platform for you when you come on board with Accountants 2.0

3rd Party Services and Products That Propel You Forward

At Accountants 2.0, we're not just about services; we offer a suite of products designed to thrust your accounting firm into the future.

A20 Connect Marketing Platform - Starting at $97/Month: Revolutionize your client engagement. We work with A20 Connect to customize this all-in-one marketing solution specifically for you. Dive deep into the future of client relationships. Select messages and sites from a bank of templates for the industry.

  • Premium Platform Onboarding and Setup - $199:

    Get up and running smoothly with our comprehensive onboarding process.

  • Hourly Marketing Help - Starting at $75/Hr:

    Access marketing expertise when you need it, to enhance your firm's visibility using customized prebuilt templates.

    Although we encourage you to work with Marketers and Coaches along with us, we understand that sometimes you have tight budgets and just need to get started. A20 Connect can get you setup quickly online with a done for you service. You can engage deeper relationships with marketers and coaches when you commit to a deeper relationship.

  • Campaigns and Content specifically for the accounting industry

There are many partner products that we work with to bring discounts and efficiencies to your tech stack. In addition, we are continuously developing to our platform and additional integrated products from A20 Connect and Accountants 2.0.

Freebies and Included Services

  • Accountants 2.0 Free Community: Join our community of forward-thinking professionals, sharing insights and experiences.

  • Accountants 2.0 Membership: Enjoy exclusive benefits and resources as a member of our community. If you have set up with any of the above products and services, you are automatically eligible for membership. The membership is growing, and so are the benefits.

  • A20 New Age Firm Certifications: Stand out with certifications that showcase your modern approach to accounting.

  • White-labeled marketing content

  • Connection to coaches that help you move along the growth effectiveness paths

Embrace the Future with Accountants 2.0

Our products and services are designed to ensure you're not just part of the accounting future but leading it.

With Accountants 2.0, you have the services, tools, technology, and support to elevate your accounting firm. Dive in and discover how we can transform your business together.



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